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Unleash pure energy.
Drive smart and live joyfully.

Your car is your second home


Get ready

Get yourself a vehicle that is ready for the ride of a lifetime. Escape the routine. Enhance your lifestyle with shapes and features, which reflect your personality. Add a state-of-the-art engine. And go!


Enjoy luxury

Treat yourself. You deserve a reward to celebrate all your hard work. Sit tight, put on your seat belt and let yourself dive into a luxurious and powerful experience. Relax.


Start racing

Roads limit your potential. Join local racing communities, or car enthusiasts' clubs. You'll stumble onto a universe of emotions so intense that you'l never want to go back.

show your stance

be unique

strive to be


empowering your future journeys

We Love Magnificent Machines

We never give up. We never settle for something ordinary. We always go further, do more, increase performance. Join in on our passion for superb engines.

At Peperle Group, we always come up with new ways to improve our products. We take on tough challenges to make a real change. Our aim is to make Europe’s car markets effective. We take action and deliver results, thanks to our unparalleled passion for the car industry.

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The Peperle Group universe is an agile family-owned business, with a high level of competence and set of values, which are hard to find in the car industry.

An inclination to act

You don't need to race every day in order to grow. Look for long-term opportunities. With a solid team behind you, you could reach the finish line faster, feeling more relaxed. Fine-tune every process. Everything will come together and work smoothly.

values we cherish at Peperle Group

We always aspire to be an innovative, flexible, and reliable partner for your business.
Being a consulting company based on family principles, we manage and shape our work with our open-minded management style.
Our ambition remains to prove time and again that it is possible to honour one’s word and deliver what we have promised.
We strive to be a source of support for partners and business friends in tough times.
We see new trends from the moment they appear. It is always a new opportunity for good business.
At Peperle Group, we have extensive experience in the car industry. We opened in 1993.
People are our core strenght. We perceive our business as a service through which we build on our good reputation and the Peperle brand.
In the international car trade, supply and demand are quickly shifting. The only constant factor in this dynamic market is demand for quality new cars.
Our mission is to provide the right cars at the right time. Our goal is a completely satisfied customer and our business partner.
Our customers are garage owners, car dealers, car rental and car leasing companies.


Let us empower you
in the car business.

Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you.

I’m Pavel Kozak and I have been managing the most agile car business in Europe for over a decade. Our team monitors market opportunities and carries out arbitrage on your behalf. We deliver immense value and high quality service with outstanding reliability.

"Deus ex machina"

respect for our heritage

Ford GT 40
Ferrari 275 GTB
Porsche 911 Coupe
Aston Martin DB5
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Chevrolet Corvette C3
Mercedes-Benz 190 SL
Ford Mustang Shelby GT350